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Modern Living Room

This project was my favorite, period. I love working with 3D space, and this was right up my alley. We were challenged to create a living space with windows, a couch, chair, lamp, a table, a vase, and a painting on the wall for our final project. 


Naturally I was ecstatic, this was a chance to showcase what I could do from the days building various things with 3Ds MAX, so I didn't want to be generic with my scene. I decided that a modern living room, with muted but flowing colors and textures, my favorite art piece on the wall, and a coffee table that was a piece of glass balancing on a big piece of smooth marble was the way to go. I did embellish it a bit with an oversized vase, a modern, dramatic lamp, a big stone encrusted mirror on the wall, huge wood beams and some decorative, fluffy pillows but I don't think I overdid it or anything.... Anyway I had a blast with this project, it was really where I fell in love with 3D Modeling.

Programs used for this Project

Photoshop, 3DS MAX

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