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Abuse Campaign

Our objective in this project was to create an awareness campaign. I chose to focus on domestic abuse against women. At the time there was a lot of buzz about Rihanna getting assaulted by Chris Brown, so I dove into my research about it. I watched all kinds of documenter's and read articles and came to the conclusion the rage brought upon these poor women was evoked by merely trivial comments, events, or just plain nothing at all. I was saddened, and shocked at the ubseraty of it all. so I tried to come up with a champagne that could portray all this.

My solution for this campaign was to depict women with bruises or injuries that would have the reason attached to the injury. Usually, trivial cases such as "I burned dinner" or a lack of obedience, even how they felt inside (emotional abuse). I wanted these ads to seem lonely and isolating, like these cases. 

Programs used for this Project

Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop.

No women were harmed in the making of these ads.

None of these injuries on these women are real. every bruise or cut depicted

is fake, I created all of it in photoshop.

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