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Every Kind Of Beautiful

Our objective in this project was to create an advertisement for Jantzen bathing suits. A company that has so many new and classic styles to choose from. A lot of women are self-conscious of their bodys when bathing suit season rolls around, I want to portray different body types in a fun way. To show the beauty in everyone's curves, and how each style of suit could compliment that.

​My first solution was to cut out the people all together. To just focus on the shape, and what kind of suit would be nice for said shape. So people could see themselves in those suits instead of comparing themselves to the models wearing them.

​My second solution was a little more fun and abstract. I decided that using animals as body representation would be a playful take on body positivity. A chance to evoke a giggle from the target audience instead of judgment of themselves or apprehension for seeing a beautifly fit model in a beautiful bikini. 

Programs used for this Project

Illustrator and Indesign

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