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Some of the Greats

Here are some of my favorite finished pieces. a lot of my work has come to me through other people, may it be friends or clients, I just always liked creating stuff for other people.


In highschool I was the resident tattoo artist, I would walk around with a sketchbook full of little illustrations, and draw the desired ones for people with a full color set of sharpies, on arms, legs, hands, anytime just for fun, it was a blast. 


Sometimes in my free time, if the project is for me It doesn't feel as important as it would be for someone else. A lot of these pieces were tattoos, CD covers or commissions of some kind. I rarely finish something for myself, that's why I've included my sketchbook pieces as well. I wanted you to see both sides. The stuff I do draw for myself, the macabre, horror art, and the ones I do for clients and friends alike. These are only a few select pieces I chose for this portfolio, I have so much more. books, apon books of characters, monsters and concept art I've been drawing since high school.


If you'd like to know more about any of my pieces feel free to contact me! I love chatting about them.

Programs used for this Project

Illustrator, Photoshop, and hand drawing.

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