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Honorable  Mentions

Here are some other one off ads that I did throughout my time at George Brown Collage. 

Alphabet Gummy's
​This was another ad for a kids magazine. Our group chose to do these great alphabet gummy fruit snacks. 

I remember sitting at my desk with everyone with the gummies from the package in front of me all lined up, trying to think of a cool idea for marketing these. and I just grabbed a red one and took a nibble to sample it and put it back. When I looked at the lineup again it hit me like a spoon of jello to the face and I layed out the whole alphabet and took chuckles out of the gummy letters to look like they'd been eaten. I wanted it to look like the gummy letters were just too irresistible to leave alone. 

Inked Panther 

this was a small assignment to create a name for a business pulled from a hat. I got tattoo parlor and the theme was jungle so I thought the beautiful inky black fur of a panther was the perfect mascot for such an establishment. 

Red Bird Matches

I myself am a huge fan of history. I know alot about WWI and WWII. One of the things I always heard was how hard, and crucial it was to keep your matches dry in WWI, So for Red Bird matches I thought a setting In WWI was very fitting. I wanted it to feel like even on a dreary wet battlefield redbird could light your way.

Programs used for this Project

Illustrator, Indesign, and Photoshop.

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