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A cute little illustration to spruce up your website, put on your computer as a sticker, or decorate a bag with a cool patch! These little guys are always looking for a good home!


This is Lagoona!

Miss life of the party!..or so she'd like to be. Everyone thinks she's a bit intense, and the stuff of nightmares... but I promise you once you get to know her, and have a night out with this charismatic lady, that all melts away!  Yea some may run in fear of her spiky appendages and mesmerizing head lamp but have you seen her in a chugging contest? Legendary really. She loves long swims in the deep, all you can eat sushi, partying with friends, and beach concerts. 


magic includes

water breath, sirens song, and persuasion. 

Tea Pets - Lagoona

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