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The Sketch Book

Now I know what you're going to say....what's wrong with this lady?!  But hear me out. it's not as crazy as it looks...ok maybe it is, but here's some insight.


I have been a lover and admirer of horror art for as long as I've been drawing. I love the macabre, weird..and dragons, I love dragons. It's always been a lot more fun to draw the strange than it is to draw the pretty for me. so, my sketchbook is full of this (and these are the tamer ones).


Now on a regular basis I don't draw like this for my clients. but when it's just for me, this is what it looks like. I always hoped to one day, be a video game concept artist. drawing the great bosses for games like Dark Souls, Silent Hill or Dead Space. Ah a girl can dream.

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